Eating Seafood Makes You Happy

The Flexibility of Carnivore


Meat Heals, but Seafood Does Too

The carnivore diet is no doubt, one of the best things I have ever seen for a persons health.  Eating a zero carb diet has benefits far beyond weight loss, such as healing and diminishing of inflammation and even reversing diabetes. The basis of it is the complete elimination of carbohydrates and the inclusion of beef. In other words, we focus on just eating meat.  It seems that some people fear a “meat” only diet because they think it will be too restrictive. I think it’s totally ok to approach the Carnivore diet with a degree of flexibility. Yes, grass fed and finished ruminant animals are likely the best bet for health but that doesn’t mean you are confined to that.

Being Strict is OK, But Not Too Strict

I enjoy knowing that I have many options and always listen to my bodies cues. Very little is constant in life, our bodies being one of them. Especially women’s! Some days I crave beef and can eat 2 pounds or even more!  Some days I feel like seafood. Some days I don’t feel hungry at all. I could force myself to eat a certain amount of beef every day, but that seems very unnatural to me. Not to mention, adding variety gives you varying nutrients such as DHA in seafood.  That is to say, I feel better knowing that I allow my body to direct me with my bodies cues, however there are some basic rules that I do tend to follow.

There is no law you are breaking by eating what suits YOU.

Some Basic Rules To Follow

Basic “rules” I follow on carnivore are:
1. Make ruminant animals the majority of my diet week to week.
2. Feel free to eat any animal food that I crave.
3. Eat to satiety within 8 hour or less window each day. I do t eat if I’m not hungry. (Yes I will turn down a ribeye!)
4. Buy the best quality I can afford.
5. Be open and mindful of my bodies cues and shifts. Change as needed.

Why Seafood is A Great Addition

This was my lunch today, a seafood medley that I stir fried in butter. I was craving it all morning. Seafood has some benefits too! They of course can have toxins (all foods do) but they offer decent Omega 3 fats, DHA, Vitamin D, May improve your mood and energy levels, they fight inflammation and are zero carb.  There is also some evidence that eating more seafood may prevent Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. The iodine we all need so desperately is abundant in seafood.  Plus, it’s delicious and offers variety. It’s ok, really… you can be flexible.

Ready to retire your plant based diet?? Eating animal foods is a path to optimal health whether its a mixed diet or a meat only diet. Either way, include some animal protein every meal!