Six Week Slimdown

Six Week Slim Down

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A simple weight loss program with bi-weekly lessons on nutrition that will have you eating exactly what is needed to achieve results! No starvation or crazy foods, just solid nutrition with specific strategies for fast, effective and permanent weight loss.

During this Six Week Challenge you will receive:

FREE online support included during your program!

Lesson plan, meal plans, recipes and more tools to help you reach your goal

Week 1: Glycemic Index Eating – Learning your safe foods and which to avoid.

Week 2: Styling a Skinny Kitchen – Learn what we eliminate and why.

Week 3: Detox is Happening – Learn how to help it along with detoxifying foods, drinks and herbs.

Week 4: Slim Down Plan for Busy People – Fitting the Wellness Experience into a busy life and still having a life on Six Week Slim Down.

Week 5: Weight loss Tools and Supplements – All about calories, how to eat, how to burn and more.

Week 6: Maintaining Your Weight Loss for Good- Strategies for staying on track, how to move to maintenance and meal planning.


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How It Works

Once you sign up for the course, check your inbox for the program welcome email. Once you click the “Let’s Get Started” button, you will get the course material right in your inbox. Each email will contain the course material, meal plans and videos.



Here is what my students have to say about Six Week Slim Down!

“I started slimming with you last Tuesday at Dr. Lucich’s class. I am
a believer. What a shock. At least 5, maybe 7 pounds lost.
I would very much like to continue on the roll.” -Sally Reinholdt in Dana Point, CA

“I’m feeling I have more energy, sleeping better and my upper body feeling lighter! Thanks for your class today too. It’s challenging while doing it but I know hard work pays off. I’ve been a little emotional this week…it’s been about 3-4 years that I’ve felt good about myself! Thank you for sharing your knowledge…I am so thankful!!

“Not only did I lose 11lbs in six weeks, I am sleeping 7.5 hours a night, I have more a energy and am happier with how I feel! I never felt hungry, always felt satisfied knowing I was eating healthier food and am much more aware of sugar content. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on nutrition. I feel so much better about how nutrition affects my life. It’s motivating, hopeful and inspiring!”