Say NO to nut “mylk”

Dangers Lurk In Your Dairy Replacement!

Healthy Substitute Or Recipe for Disaster?
Your healthy diary substitute might night be so healthy. Milks made of every seed and grain can now be found on health food store shelves. There problem is, they are the farthest thing from healthy. Nuts contain dangers plant chemicals such as lectins and oxalates that can be seriously harming your health.

What Are Oxalates?
Oxalates are plant chemicals that crystalize in the body. They can and will cause pain, inflammation, rashes, digestive disorders and more. Oxalic acid damages the body because it works like a magnet drawing in minerals and binding to it to form oxalate salts. One of the oxalate salts formed is calcium oxalate, which is insoluble and settles into the tissues of the body, waiting and building before wreaking havoc. This is a common cause of kidney stones.

Many people think kidney stones are due to calcium, but they are actually due to consuming foods high in oxalic acids such as almonds and spinach.

Which Foods Have Oxalates?
Nuts and seeds have some of the highest amounts of oxalates of all foods, which are very popular in plant based and keto diets. Other foods with very high amounts of oxalates include spinach, sorrel, chard, beet greens, beets, sweet potatoes, chocolate and almost every nut and seed. More than 200 plant foods contain oxalates.

How Do Oxalates Damage the Body?
Oxalates can settle to any tissue in the body and eventually damage the tissues and cause pain. This is a common cause of joint pain, eye pain, vulva pain and pain in the skin. They can also deplete the body of nutrients due to their binding affect of calcium, glutathione and also B vitamins.

Oxalates can cause leaky gut leading to autoimmune disease.

Can Oxalates Damage the Gut?
These seemingly healthy plant foods can also cause Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. You may have heard of diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis and IBS which can be caused by oxalates. They often leave people feeling fatigues, even though many people think consume lots of green leafy vegetables should give them a lot of energy.

Green Drinks Should Be Avoided!
Very popular “green powders” made for drinks and smoothies are LOADED with oxalates. Do not consume them! My health finally changed when I eliminated ALL plant foods from my diet.

Don’t Forget About Lectins
Lectins are plant chemicals that can destroy your gut lining. When the lining of your gut becomes compromised, you are more susceptible to parasites, toxins and autoimmune disease. Lectins are commonly found in grains, nuts and seeds as well as nightshade plants. Cooking does reduce them to some degree, but they are still present enough to cause damage to your precious gut.

Avoid Plant Based and Vegan Diets
The vegan and plant-based movement have people consuming large amounts of these food. Sadly, so does the ketogenic diet! Unfortunately, ketogenic encourages the use of these plant foods along with many baked treats made of almonds, one of the foods highest in oxalates.

Say YES to carnivore!
This is one major reason I urge people to try the carnivore diet. It is a great elimination tool for people who suffer from kidney stones, skin disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases and autoimmune disorders. Carnivore diet is safe and could potential safe you from a lot of health problems.