The Carnivore Experience – Gut Healing Recovery Plan


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The Wellness Experience

The Carnivore Experience

How I moved from a Plant-Based to Carnivore diet to heal my gut.

This is a 7 week introductory course into the Carnivore Diet.

This is documentation of my experience transitioning from eating a plant-based diet to eating a meat-only diet, also known as the carnivore diet or zero-carb diet to heal my gut and improve my overall health. I had no idea what would actually happen, but it has been life-changing!

This program is based on my extensive journey from a vegan and plant-based diet to meat only diet. This program is designed to share with you my transition from a plant-based diet to a carnivore diet, what your body may experience, how to transition slowly and the health benefits of a carnivore (all-meat diet). I will also include information on how the diet compares to plant-based diets with regard to nutrition, information about how eating only meat affects the environment and any research that I found helpful on the topic as well as tips on how to get comfortable with talking about it.

Please understand that there is very little research to support a meat-only diet. It was practiced by early man but since the dawn of agriculture, most people have transitioned to a non-meat-based diet. The information I will be providing is anecdotal and based on my personal experiences, my observations, and my research when noted. As a precaution, you may want to speak to your doctor before initiating any diet or exercise regimen.

Disclaimer: The information given in this program is not medical advice and should not replace the medical advice given to you by your doctor. This program does not claim to diagnose, treat, health or prevent any illness or disease.


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