Are you getting your glycine?

The Key to Reducing Inflammation

Humans need about 10grams of glycine or more per day to maintain cartilage, bones, tendons and intestinal lining tissues. It is an important regulator of inflammation!

Your liver can produce SOME, but not all of our needs. If you aren’t getting enough glycine on a regular basis (plant based diets) chronic inflammation can ensue according to one study.

I look back on how I’ve eaten in the past. No wonder I was so inflamed! All plants, no fat and pretty much no glycine. So many people eat chicken breast and broccoli to SHRED because there is no fat and high protein. I remember doing the same, all the while damaging my body. However, chicken is low in nutrients, no appreciable saturated fat and very low levels of glycine. (Only 2g per 140) If you are still stuck on chicken breast maybe it’s time To up your game! I have noticed improvements in skin, nails and hair. I can only assume good things are happening inside as well!

Meat with bones, tendons, cartilage…this is where you get better amounts of glycine. The parts of the animal that contain collagen typically are thrown away.

That’s the part we need to eat. Skins, joints and bones, but most people don’t. For those on the carnivore diet, eating only muscle meat just won’t cut it. Here’s a simple way to get it… keep the crock pot going.. Add 2 tbsp cider vinegar and 1tbsp salt. Then just add bones after you eat the meat each time. I keep mine boiling for 5 days, using it as I go. At the end of 5 days, pour it into a container and store in the fridge. I scrape off the fat when it’s cool so I don’t overdo fat. (Easy to do and will give you diarrhea). If you don’t think you can use it in a week freeze it.