What Stress is Doing to You

We all have some degree of daily stress, but many of us don’t take any actions to reduce its effects on our health. Stress can cause many different illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, and of course, Alzheimer’s disease.

Stress is the one thing that CAN NOT be ignored if you want to have the best results for your health!

In the heath and wellness world, the emphasis has often gone to diet, exercise, and supplements to improve body composition or address a health concern such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. While diet and exercise are important, stress that is not addressed will sabotage any results.

  • Even though you may be eating the right foods for weight loss, stress will sabotage your efforts.
  • Even though you may be getting the right exercise, stress will prevent you from building adequate muscle.
  • Even though you take sleep aides to get more rest, stress will prevent you from sleeping deeply and getting the benefits of repairing your body and maximizing growth hormones.
  • Stress can affect your cholesterol, glucose levels, and blood pressure even if you are eating well and exercising.
  • Hormones that could be better balanced with proper diet and movement still my not be without addressing the stress component in your life.
  • Stress can be physical, emotional, and chemical and can deeply affect your health, even if you eat the right diet and exercise daily!

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