Holistic Stress Management and Resiliency

Reduce Stress and Related Illnesses

We all have some degree of daily stress but many of us don’t take any actions to reduce its effects on our health. Stress can cause many different illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and of course, Alzheimer’s disease. Please join Nicole Carter for a relaxing and restorative yoga workshop where you will learn simple techniques to reverse the damaging effects of stress.


This 6-week course is designed to help you combat and reverse the effects on the mind and body. Each week you will receive a lesson via email with a video and instructions on how to use that specific yoga based tool.  You will practice that lesson as many times as you like or have time for that week until you move on to the next lesson. The lessons will come to you automatically via email beginning the day you sign up.


The six lessons on stress recovery include:

  1. Why we stress and what stress does to the body.
  2. How breath affects the body and how to use it.
  3. How meditation works to quiet the mind and heal the body
  4. How to use yoga postures or asanas to relieve stress-related conditions
  5. How to use Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation.
  6. Combining the practices to create your full yoga-based stress recovery program.