Juice Detox, Science or Fiction?

Please save your money and do not do a juice cleanse! Juice cleanses, or any other supplement for the detoxification of your body won’t have a leg to stand on. Detoxification happens naturally in the body through your excretory system, which is comprised of your skin, liver, lungs, kidney, and colon. 

These are functioning to detoxify your body every single day! You can do some things to enhance detoxification, however, such as limiting toxic load and exposure to chemicals, skin brushing, fasting, sweating, deep breathing, drinking water, twisting postures and Yoga, etc.

Every living organism accumulates toxins in their body. They come in through food, drink, air, and contact with the skin. Toxins circulate through the body in the blood and eventually make their way to your liver, and then excreted through the body. Anything not excreted will be stored in body fat.

Weight loss liberates toxins that have been stored there for a long time. It’s crucial to help the body rid them in as many ways as possible. Even though our bodies are designed to detoxify themselves, we are rarely able to keep up with the high toxic load we are faced with daily.

Here are some things you can do to help give your natural detoxification system a boost.

Fasting – By abstaining from food, your body can do its internal work. Fasting helps to turn on autophagy, which is a form of detoxification of old cells in the body. Through autophagy, the body will recycle old or damaged cells for energy. Fasting also allows your body to continue its natural daily cleansing functions of the excretory organs while not having to send power to digestion. Click here to get started with an easy fasting program now!

Dry Brushing – Using a broad bristle brush, without getting wet, scrub your entire body from feet to head in circular motions using the dry brush. This will exfoliate your skin, allowing the skin to breathe and detoxify itself. It also is excellent for increasing circulation.

Sweating – One study showed lower levels of mercury, lead, and other metals in the body after practicing regular sweating. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312275/) Find and take advantage of sweating therapy as was done among Native Americans for its cleansing attributes. Try 20 minutes in a sauna, dry sauna or infrared sauna or a hot yoga session. Sweating in this way can remove heavy metals in the body but can also drain the body of minerals, so be sure to drink salted water afterward (1/2tsp Himalayan salt per 16oz water).  

Colon Detox – Today, take measures to detoxify the colon. Constipation prohibits the natural detoxification of toxins and specifically estrogens that must be excreted through urine or stool. If you struggle with constipation, consider magnesium at bedtime or simply change your diet. My chronic constipation disappeared as soon as I began the Carnivore Diet.

Mind Detox – Give yourself a day of mental rest. Do easy exercise such as walking, and avoid electronics, social media, emails as much as possible. Try meditation for 30 minutes or more. If you find it difficult to meditate, try listening to a guided cleansing meditation. Meditation helps with stress reduction, one of the most toxic substances of all! Try my Stress Recovery Course HERE.