How To Reduce Estrogen For Better Health and Happiness

Estrogen is A Stress Hormone, Not THE Female Hormone

So many people are struggling with estrogen dominance and they don’t even know it. Estrogen is a STRESS HORMONE. When estrogen is in excess it can reduce thyroid function causing weight gain. In addition, weight gain can increase estrogen. 

I often have people tell me that they can’t lose weight, they can’t sleep, they feel anxious or depressed but ultimately their problem is often excess estrogen. These are quite common complaints among women, but men have complaints as well such as belly fat, low libido, and erectile dysfunction.

Estrogens Are NOT just made by women.

We are exposed to many estrogenic substances such as air pollution, plasticizers from bottles and containers, and pesticides that make their way into foods and water. To make matters worse, women over 40 are often estrogen dominant already because of waning progesterone which keeps progesterone in check.

Men aren’t out of the woods either. Stress can impair the thyroid and ability to detoxify estrogens so are also at risk of estrogenic symptoms such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia (man boobs), and trouble building and maintaining muscle.

Natural Compounds Can Help Balance Hormones

There are several natural substances that can help block and prevent this, one I especially love is apigenin and it just so happens to be widely available in herbs. APEGENIN can prevent estrogen-driven cancers such as breast and prostate, reduce anxiety and depression and help with inflammation and weight loss via estrogen reduction.

Apigenin is found in:
-lemon balm
– coriander
– basil
– oregano

I recommend this lemon balm as a tea because it is excellent for calming nerves and improving the mood but can also oppose estrogen due to its Apigenin. Also, chamomile is great to help improve sleep and to reduce anxiety, I think this one is really good.

I also recommend using chamomile tea as an excellent sleep aid with the added benefits of blocking estrogen with apigenin.

Apigenin is also in some fruits and vegetables such as guava, celery, and artichokes. Include these regularly for your best bet at reducing estrogen through diet.

Either way, there is much more you can do to oppose the onslaught of estrogens and most of it can be done with food! Stay tuned for more…

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