Traveling on Carnivore Diet

How to survive!

What to eat when traveling?? If you are following carnivore, plan on packing food. It’s easy to eat when you are traveling if you can go to restaurants but otherwise you may struggle with pit stop eating and snacking. I prefer to fast until I can get a proper meal, but I understand the difficulties of that as well. Here are my suggestions when away from home:
-sugar free and “clean” dried beef/jerkey
-hard boiled eggs for day 1 or if coolers are avail
-smoked salmon
-GrassFed butter (a couple bits will carry you a long way)
-salami and cured meats are easy but are quite processed, shop wisely here.
-last resort fast food : anyplace with a grilled burger not cooked in oil, some places offer egg/ham sandwich (no bread)
-bone broth powders for mixing into drinks
-baked pork rinds

Don’t forget you can always fast and get all the amazing benefits of that until you have an opportunity for a good meal 🤗