5 Easy Allergy Remedies

Calm Your Allergies Naturally

Warm weather means blooming flowers and…pollen! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, chances are you might not be a very happy camper lately. Instead of taking the usual suspects (OTC meds) that leave you dried out and drained, try a few of these natural helpers to calm those irritated eyes and drippy noses…

  1. Turmeric Root – going for the active here, curcumin, it helps to reduce inflammation, which is the root, all allergic reactions.  This also helps to protect the good flora in your gut, which is imperative to a healthy immune system. Take it in a capsule daily or add it to your foods.
  2. Probiotics – Much of your immune system lies in your gut. If your gut lacks beneficial bacterial, your immune system (including allergic response) won’t be functioning as well. Boost it up for better immune response by taking probiotics daily in the form of a supplement, eating fermented foods or drinking kombucha daily.
  3. Vitamin D – Another natural immune enhancer, Vitamin D plays a huge rose in the body’s immune function. One recent study done at the Children’s National Medical Center found that children who suffered from asthma and seasonal allergies were 20 TIMES more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D than children who were not suffering with the same disorders.
  4. Basil Oil – Use Basil Essential Oil to reduce the inflammatory response. Other essential oils that help with allergies include lemon (reduces mucus) lavender essential oil (antihistamine and calms irritation) as well as peppermint essential oil (discharges phlegm and reduces inflammation)
  5. Chamomile Tea – Chamomile tea is easy to find and easier to make.   Chamomile reduces inflammation and is a natural antihistamine. It also happens to kill bacteria and restore an exhausted nervous system. Drink it hot or cold, sweetened or not. Just steep 1 bag in 1-cup hot water, covered, for 3 minutes.

This is just a sampling of the many natural ways to treat your body and bring balance back. Remember it all goes back to diet. No supplement in the world can undo the havoc a bad diet creates. Learn how to eat healthy with Nicole! Visit www.healthywithnicole.com and get started on an e-course, book a consultation or get the Six Week Slim Down E-guide and get going!