I think it’s safe to say that Kombucha is a household word at this point! So many people are drinking Kombucha, and so many new and great companies offering their probiotic brew that its almost impossible NOT to find it! I have tried almost all of them in the stores, and I loved almost all of them. Some are fizzy, some a little flat, all with great variety in flavor. One thing they all have in common is the abundant live probiotics that will help your gut!

Why are probiotics so important? We are born with a balance of good and bacteria in the gut, however that quickly gets disrupted after taking antibiotics and some other medications. To make matters worse, we often eat a diet that contains a lot of sugar and processed foods. This is a recipe for disaster, in the form of Candida Albicans. Candida is a fungus that is normal in every body, in small amounts. The problems occur when it grows out of control causing fungal infections, immune system dysfunction, mood and brain disorders, skin conditions and commonly, digestive health problems. About 80% of the population is estimated to have Candida overgrowth and its 9 times more common for women then men.

So how do we get rid of it? There is basically only 3 ways to get rid of the fungus: 1. Starve it by avoiding all sugars and process foods, grains and anything that breaks down to a sugar molecule. And 2. Kill the fungus with antifungal plants such as turmeric, garlic and oregano oil.. and 3. Feed the body an abundance of probiotics. This is where kombucha hits the spotlight! We need fermented foods to provide probiotics, these include sauerkraut, yogurt, miso, fermented veggies and kombucha a fermented tea.

Kombucha is great plain, with a variety of fruits, made into smoothies, added to cocktails… get creative! It can get expensive to buy a lot of kombucha though, and you’ll want to drink it daily so try your hand at a home made batch. It’s inexpensive and super easy, most of the spent is waiting.

Either way, get this delicious beverage into your diet and make your belly (and body) a happy camper.

Home Made Kombucha – basic recipe

3 quarts filtered or distilled water
1 cup sugar
4 tea bags of organic black and or green tea
½ cup kombucha starter tea
1 kombucha s.c.o.b.y.
White vinegar

To make the kombucha:
• Rinse stainless steel or glass pot with white vinegar
• Add water to the rinsed pot
• Bring the water to a boil.
• Add sugar and simmer until dissolved.
• Remove from heat
• Add tea bags and allow liquid to cool to room temperature.
• Remove tea bags.
• Pour into a glass container which has been rinsed with white vinegar.
• Add starter tea.
• Add s.c.o.b.y..
• Cover container with a cloth or coffee filter and secure with a rubber band.
• Store in a cool dark place for 7-10 days. As the kombucha ferments a film will form on the top of the liquid. This is your new s.c.o.b.y.. The original one may rest at the bottom, hang in the middle of the jar or float at the top.
• Taste the kombucha at anytime with a plastic straw. It can range in taste from slightly sweet to sour. When it is done it will be slightly fizzy.
• Transfer liquid to a glass container and store in the fridge. This is your kombucha to drink
• Keep the s.c.o.b.y. and at least a cup of starter tea. Store this in the refrigerator. Do not flavor the starter tea

If you do not use distilled water then set the filtered water out the night before you make the Kombucha. This will help the chlorine in the water dissipate. Chlorine can kill the s.c.o.b.y..
White or brown sugar is best. Honey, rapadura and stevia do not give the desired results
Only use good quality organic tea, Lipton and Tetly brands have not historically produced good batches. Use only pure black or green tea. Non organic tea is high in fluoride so use only organic.
The drinking kombucha can be flavored. Fruit juice, tea, grated ginger, and frozen berries are some ideas.

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