Our medical system is broken. It’s costing us a fortune and not providing and real prevention. Yet we spend more money on healthcare ($3.5 Trillion in 2017) than anything else.

This same body of medicine is responsible for approximately 250,000 fatalities each year as a result of medical induced illness or injury (referred to as iatrogenic illness or disease) and we are the unhealthiest country in the world leading the race in chronic disease.

All this said, we still listen and follow the [terrible] advice given out by the medical institutions on how to stay healthy.
We are not suffering the wrath of COVID-19 because of its virulence. We are suffering because we are an ALREADY SICK NATION.

Doctors at NYU Lagone Health Center conducted a study on the US hospital admissions for COVID-19 and found that obesity and age were the biggest factors in hospital admissions which suggest obesity may be a risk factor for a more serious manifestation of the illness.

Wake up. No one is looking out for you. It’s YOUR responsibility to attain and retain your health. Now is the time!