30 Days of Self Care


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Are you ready to finally make your health a priority?


Weight Loss, Detox and Tons of Energy is the PAYOFF! I know for most people this is a big challenge and we are just not used to doing things for ourselves, even if we really need it.

Welcome to my 30 Day Self Care Challenge, where I will guide you through 30 days of healthy activities and simple steps you can take every day to make your health a priority. It’s easier than you think and can have a HUGE payoff for your health!

It takes at least 30 days to create new habits and override your old ones, so let’s get started

During this 30 Day Challenge you will receive:

A series of emails for 30 days that will help you along the 30 day challenge.

Delicious Recipes that encourage weight loss and increased energy

Shopping Lists for easy and fast organization

Video lessons showing Self Care Activity  that is simple and easy to follow and use


Join the 30 Day Self Care Challenge NOW for just $99


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