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1-1 Gut Healing Coaching Program

Personalized Coaching to Heal Your Gut

Are you finally ready to solve your stomach issues? Do you having digestive problems that nothing seems to fix? Are you feeling bloated, tired, or moody? Has a doctor diagnosed you with an inflammatory bowel disease? Do you have mystery health problems that won’t go away? Have you tried various diets and supplements but still having issues?


My Experience

For the last 20 years of my career has been focused on helping improve the health of my clients through personal health coaching and health education. Although, the last five have been focused entirely on gut health becuase of my own journey demanding intensive research for answers.  Consequently, after living with Ulcerative Colitis for seven years, I found a way to eliminate my symptoms in a short period without the need for any medications.

Realizing The Problem

Regardless of being a health educator since 2007, I realizded much of what I had learned was incorret. Additionally, much of what I was teaching about nutrtion and health was actually causing MORE harm. Despite have a Masters Degree in Health Promotion, I found that I had to relearn everything about health and how to be healthy.

Learning The Truth

Through my own research I learned that a plant based diet could be causing serious damage to my gut.  I was also not dealing with stress approproately. Basically, I was a very unhealthy health coach! I needed serious changes to my diet and lifestyle, even though I thought I was living a very healthy life. Above all, this was my path to healing the disease permanently.

How I Help My Clients Now

Now I get to teach others how to do the same.  My belief is that anyone can do this, but it is not a one-size fits. Also, some people need support during their time of healing. Especially if you have a serious disease such as ulcerative colitis. Knowing you have someone you can talk to who understands what you are going through is so helpful.  

Your Health

Essentially, when you have any damage to your gut, consequently your health will suffer in many ways. Gut damage can result in various issues, including digestive problems, emotional imbalance, insomnia, hormone dysregulation, skin disorders, etc. You can heal from these, but we must figure out YOUR recipe. Everyone is different and has different needs. Similarly, everyone must heal in their own way in their own time. 

How I can Help You

Above all, the focus with my clients is to teach them how to heal their own gut and take control of their health. In this program, I will work with you to do the following:

  1. Find the right foods that support your healing journey, specific to YOU.
  2. Identify foods, spices, and other TRIGGERS that may keep you in an unhealthy state.
  3. Master cooking and preparation of specific healing recipes and remedies that work for YOU.
  4. Practice managing stress in your life so it doesn’t result in health problems.
  5. Understand how your gut works and how to keep it happy once healed.
  6. Learn how to tap into natural remedies that support your healing.

You Have My Support`

Additionally, during our time together, we will identify YOUR goals and be sure to address them. Finally, I will teach you how to take control of your health, and you will always know how to get back to it should you fall off the rails. 

As I have noted, you can access me anytime during your program through my OPEN DOOR POLICY. When you need help, you reach out, and I will be there with you throughout this healing journey. My clients and I often have phone calls, video chats, texts, and emails. The skills I teach work for most people all over the world. I have had great success with my clients; I am sure I will also have great success with you!

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Do you have other health goals you would like to address? I coach on many health issues. Other things we often cover in our time together: 

  • Weight Loss and Metabolic Health
  • Fasting and Detoxification
  • Gut Healing and Microbiome Balance
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Stress Management
  • Customaized Effecient Exercise
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Vagus Nerve Activation
  • Improved Digestion  and More…

Together we will create a customized program just for YOU! It will encompass all of the health initiatives that pertain to you and your goal and provide you the accountablity you need!

You will receive recieve nutrition instruction, meal planning tips, stress management techniques, a custoized exercise program and twice weekly calls to keep you going strong!

 In my coaching plans I incorporate simple nutrtition changes, targeted and effecient exercise, stress management practices and plant medicine when needed.

This option is best for someone that needs a bit more personalized support it can be customized to meet whatever health goals you have.

Six Weeks Of Life Chaning Health Coaching Awaits!

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Had to share…Cal protein levels went from 3000 to 130. C-reactive protein went from 26 to 1. The occult blood in my system went from 200 to 0. My iron saturation went from 8 to 21. Everything went back to normal! I am no longer anemic after 5 years and no signs of blood in my stool plus no signs of any inflammation in my body. I can’t thank you enough!! You started me on this journey and now I’m off to continue this work.
M.G. – New Jersey
I can’t speak more highly of Nicole. Working with her is instantly transformative. She is incredibly supportive, inspiratinal, knowledgeable and truly walks her talk. She gave me specific and customized help during a period of extreme stress where I had fallen back into a very destructive reltionship with food and my body. And with her reassurance, guidance and non-judgemental compassion, I was able to rise above it all and turn things around. She is truly worth every penny and more!!  – Julie M, New York, NY.
Wanted to say thank you for all of your invaluable knowledge, support and genuine concern.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 months and then got hit with the holiday temptations during my third month. However, I was able to recover from the few pounds that I put on over the holidays within a week or so. This was all because of YOU!  You taught me about intermittent fasting and food choices…and it has absolutely changed my life. The combination of my food choices coupled with the fasting, makes the pounds literally melt off me…and fast!  People can’t believe it when they see me.
The best part of this entire journey with you is the fact that you truly care. This is felt with every text message, email and Instagram post. Your knowledge for personal wellness can change a lot of lives.  I wish you much success on this beautiful journey of yours. If there is ever anything I can do to help you…just say the word.

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