Healthy Gut, Healthy Body Gut Healing Program

I often hear people looking for solutions to acne, depression, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, autoimmune disease, gas, bloating, fatigue, allergies, and more. What I want to tell them is this, IT’S YOUR GUT!

We are all exposed to toxins daily, choose the wrong foods, and have some degree of daily stress, but we may not realize the impact on our health. Many of us don’t take any efforts to reduce its effects on our health. A Damaged gut can cause many different illnesses such as nutrient deficiency, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders like ulcerative colitis and IBS.


Several factors can determine what happens in your gut. Some are obvious, others not so much!

  • Toxic load you are exposed to through air, water, food, and even your skin.
  • How much quality sleep you get each night.
  • What kind of microbiome you have, and how you feed it.
  • What you have eaten and been exposed to for the past several years.
  • How many times you have taken antibiotics.
  • How well you are digesting your foods, even healthy choices.
  • How much exercise you are doing and what kind.
  • The frequency of which you have negative or stressful thoughts.
  • Hormones that are out of balance
  • Have excess iron or other minerals and lacking in others.
  • What supplements you are taking

So, as you can see, it is a complicated web of factors that determine your gut health.  The good news is that there is a lot you can do and strategies you can employ to improve your health through your gut!


This course is designed for those suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as IBS, colitis, chrons, and  also diverticulitis.

Please join Nicole Carter for a fun and enjoyable month of online coaching where you will learn simple techniques to reverse the damaging effects of things irritating your gut and learn new strategies you can use to heal it.

Each week you will receive lessons that you can view at your own pace.

Lessons on Heal My Gut include:

  1. How stress is affecting your health – a deep dive into how stress is affecting your body. Does stress cause your health issue?
  2. What foods contribute to the problem – Caloric restriction, low carb, vegan, and how they stress your body when practiced for too long.
  3. Exercise for A Stressed Body – Is your body in a stressed and inflamed state?  It is likely your nervous system in exhaustion that you are feeling. Learn how to exercise for strength while recovering your nervous system as well.
  4. The Vagus nerve and your nervous system – the KEY to your digestion concerns! I will teach you everything you need to know about it and how it directly relates to your gut health!
  5. Flare-ups and Healing Strategies – There are several tools you can use to heal your gut, including specific foods, herbal supplements, timing your foods were very helpful on my healing journey. I will share these with you as well.
  6. Relaxation and coping techniques: Healing is a journey. In the meantime, I will give you strategies to feel better and reduce symptoms to reduce discomfort while you heal.
  7. Foods that actually help your gut to heal – so many foods are irritants, which ones can actually help?? I will show you the best foods to rely on when your gut is really down and out!
  8. How sleep is the best healing tool we have and how to optimize it.
  9. What is the root cause of your gut damage and how to fix it!


So much of your health actually depends on the state of your gut. When I say “gut” I am really talking about the gut lining, the function of the gut and the microbiome (good guys vs. bad guys) that determine its everyday functions.

Many people will have chronic digestive discomfort or even an actual Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but do nothing but follow their doctors instructions to take medications. Unfortunately, most doctors only have this tool in their tool box. They are not educated on how nutritoin or stress might be the cause or at least making your situation worse!

In my experience both personally and with clients, all gut issues can successfully be healed with diet and lifestyle changes, not drugs. If you have been on this path long enough, you will know this is the truth. Sadly though, many people continue down this road and end up losing their colons, or worse. I want you to know that YOU HAVE OPTIONS!