Extreme Wellness For Women

12 Week Women's Extreme Wellness Program

Extreme Wellness For Women 12 Week Intensive!


Yes, this one is going to rock your world! In this 12 week program, we aim to target topics I know are important to you such as anti-aging, weight loss, autoimmune health, sleep, sexual health managing stress and SO SO SO much more!

This program is intended to be a GROUP dynamic because women need support when going through changes. Amazingly, we are ALWAYS going through changes! If you are looking to get into the best physical, mental, and emotional health of your LIFE, join this program. I will lead you through 12 weeks of lessons and via my online coaching platform where you can interact with the group of women who are experiencing the same thing as you.  Also, you will be able to connect with me as much as you like here during our time together. I promise you, that if you are willing to do the WORK, it will be absolutely LIFE CHANGING!

This 12-week course includes lessons on:

  1. Food and The Carnivore Diet
  2. Mind Controls the Body
  3. Weight loss without effort
  4. Fitness the Easy Way
  5. Mood, Emotions, and Hormones
  6. Financial Wellbeing
  7. Sexual Health for Women
  8. Managing Stress to beat Illness
  9. Autoimmune Dysfunctions and Repair
  10. Optimizing Sleep Every Night
  11. Plant Medicine for Women
  12. Taking Back your Confidence and Power