30 Days of Self Care

Are you ready for some YOU time?
As soon as you make yourself a priority you will see your body and health change in dramatic ways!

I want to help give you some structure so I’ve organized a

30 Days of Activities and Coaching for stress management and improving health!

30 Days of Self Care Activities Designed to instill healthy habits by taking small daily steps! Activities that encourage detoxification and simple exercises to boost energy levels help you to feel awesome every day!

How It Works

Once you sign up for the course, check your inbox for the program welcome email. Once you click the “Let’s Get Started” button you will get an email every day for 30 days. Each email will contain the course material, meal plans, and videos.

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“I’m having fun! I’m amazed at all the healthy stuff we can make for ourselves and how simple it can be to take care of ourselves.”

“Feeling great. Sleeping better. I think I lost 4lbs this week!”

“Feeling really good! Feel like I’m fueling my body instead of eating things that make me feel blah. I’m not getting bloated after eating and have more energy.”

“Feeling great. Don’t have a scale but my ribs are playing peek-a-boo with me!”

“No, lbs.œ down yet but less bloated. I am sleeping better and feeling confident that I can cut sugar out of my diet!”

“I’m just starting to turn the corner, feeling a little lighter. So far so good!”

“Down 4 lbs this morning! Yay! I am feeling good and am not hungry. Loving the Lilly bar for my sweet tooth!”

“I’m feeling good, less bloat, and strong with my workouts (more energy too).”