What Should You Eat If Your Gut Is Damaged

So you have gut issues. You aren’t alone! For instance, about 1.6 million Americans have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Many more have IBS, celiac, diverticulitis, or severe food intolerances. Most people with digestive illnesses are told to take prescriptions to keep it under control and that their diet makes no difference. I think that could not be further from the truth! So, what should you eat? 

With the world full of processed, sprayed, fortified, organic, non-organic, grass-fed, etc, it can be totally mind-boggling to know what to eat, especially if you have an inflammatory bowel condition or just a sensitive stomach. Should you eat vegan, paleo, keto, SCD, carnivore, or fruitarian?

There are definitely a few things that I would highly suggest you avoid if you have an IBD:
-Fiber in the cellulose form
-nuts and seeds of all sorts
-PUFAS Polyunsaturated Fats 
-spicy foods or black pepper (awful on the gut)
-Lectins from beans and other plans
-Gums such as carrageenan

I know what you are thinking… So what CAN I eat?

Here is a quick list of what I think THE BEST foods to costume for healing, but it will also depend on the state of your own gut. In other words, the worse it is, the less you can tolerate it.
– Collagen/Gelatin (I like this one), I love oxtail soup!
-Fruit that is low in fiber, like melons
-Grass-Fed Meats
-warm water, fish, and seafood
-diary (for less damaged guts)
-Cooked Mushrooms 
-Raw carrots (for non-flaring guts)

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