The Real Reason for Stubborn Fat

You may be working out 3, 4, even 5 days per week or more and still not getting the results you want.   You may be passing ice cream and choosing yogurt instead, or choosing pretzels instead of potato chips, or low-fat cookies instead of those Oreos. So, why then are you still in the same spot with your weight?? Why are you working out and eating healthy and still not getting as lean as you like?? There is a reason, and it has to do with your blood sugar and your hormones.

Your body has been trained to use glucose for energy.  We eat a banana or some oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich with veggies on it for lunch, yet we feel tired and still don’t see those elusive “abs”.  The reason is simple, you have trained your body to use glucose for fuel, instead of fat.  So when the glucose runs low we get tired, cranky and “hangry”. To make matters worse, we are working out sometimes as much as 5 -6 days a week yet still have extra fat around the belly, hips and thighs. Why???  Because you are blocking fat-burning with cortisol. You should not have to workout that hard! If you train your body to use FAT for fuel, you will not need to work out nearly as hard, but you will have the energy to if you want to!

Here is the problem with most “diets”, you restrict your calories in hopes of losing weight with the calorie in/calorie out model. It does not work.  You become tired in the afternoon and need caffeine to get through the day. You have strong food cravings you try to come up with crazy recipes to fulfill but it never works.

Stop the uphill battle! True permanent fat loss comes from training your body to use fat for fuel, feeding your body enough fat and protein, restricting food at certain times to allow your body to rebalance hormones and resting.

You see it’s a rat race in the gym, we go in nearly daily to burn calories and we hope, fat. But all that happens is we burn glucose and we fatigue our adrenals. And alas, still not fat reduction.  The scale may move if you cut back enough on those calories but we both know its not fat! It’s muscle and water, probably no fat. Sorry. Stop wasting your precious hours in the gym. Stop burning up your adrenals and causing fatigue and hormone imbalance. Stop confusing your hormones by reducing cortisol so your hunger modulating hormones can do their job!

I guide you through every step of this in my Six Week Slim Down digital program. This program is best for people who are taking their very first steps to improve their health. It will guide to you to diet that is low in sugar and carbohydrates, provides structure for the best times to eat and also addresses sleep and stress, two very important issues to address for your best body and health.  It is really that simple.