The Most Effective Way To Improve Health

Are You One of Them?

Even Harvard Medical School agrees that health coaching is the most effective way to improve health.  

I have been in the healthcare field for 19 years. During that time, I have learned that the best way to keep people healthy is by living a healthy lifestyle. The most effective way to improve health is by modifying your behaviors. That is exactly what coaching is intended to do. Sadly, the medical establishment does not support that very much, and doctors don’t have time to help people change their behaviors. 

The behviors and choices you make every day will determine your health outcomes. So how do we change them? Health coaching! That is why health coaching is the most effective form of health care.

According to Harvard Medical School, health fads come and go, but health coaching has strong evidence backing its effectiveness in improving health and well-being. 

The cause of many illnesses, especially autoimmune diseases, are unknown but have been associated with damage to the gut lining, an area of my specialty!

Another possible cause of various autoimmune disease is stress, according to Harvard Health.

My experience with autoimmune disease lasted seven years and ended four months after beginning my radical lifestyle changes, which I now COACH PEOPLE on how to do.  After years of suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and trying everything possible to beat the disease, I learned about an unorthodox way of eating, fasting, and managing my stress that changed everything for me.

I have worked with hundreds of people now, and I have learned so much from each one of them.  One thing, in particular, is that each person needs something different. That is why a personal coaching program and coaching helping you through the steps is so important. My clients have healed numerous gut issues that also caused them other health problems, from acne and depression to weight gain and anxiety. There are so many problems that can stem from poor gut health. The good news is that everyone can heal their gut.

True healing can happen if you are genuinely ready to make changes and willing to do the work. I believe you can HEAL yourself with the right practices. Again, it all comes down to your behaviors and choices.

I’ve written a book detailing my story, my history that contributed to the disease, how I fixed it, and all the research supporting the link between autoimmune disease and gut health.

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