Meat Heals The Planet

Grass Fed Animals for the Eco Carnivore

Eating Meat to Health The Planet

If you care about the environment AND your health, I have good news! One of the best things you can do to help the environment is eat grass fed animals!

This is because the way in which they are raised supports the natural ecosystem. Cows graze on grasses and fertilize it with their biodynamic waste. Since ruminant animals are the only ones that can digest and absorb nutrients from the plants, they do the work for us. All the while helping to regrow more of the same grasses and rebuilding topsoil. As a vegan, one of the main reasons I chose the lifestyle was to support the environment.

Sadly veggies and fruits grown on momocrops are far more damaging than any grass fed animal. This is a common misconception, and is often a reason why people choose a plant-based diet.

Since our topsoil and water supply are seriously threatened due to farming, buying grass fed animal products helps ensure this process continues. We have animals with a rumen, or “second stomach” to thank for this remarkable ability to rebuild our soil. Humans are not able to digest most plant materials and are not able to absorb the nutrients in them as a ruminant animal can.

It is an amazing ability for these ruminant animals to be able to live off these shrubs and grasses we humans would never be able to consume. If you want to take your eco-carnivore a step further, choose goat, lamb or bison. These animals still digest the plant nutrients in their rumen and require very little water consumption. Either way, when you eat a grass fed animal you help the planet by reducing farming of plants, and fostering a market in which animals heal the soil with their natural habits. No chemicals, hormones or drugs needed! You can’t say the same for factory farms. .

Feedlot cattle are fed corn which can destroy the animals gut causing a myriad of diseases that require antibiotics to control. It also breeds forms of E coli that even drugs can’t kill. Part of the toxicity that contaminates water and soil near farms comes from the disease that animals fed corn fall prey too. Antibiotics are needed to control these diseases and can also make their way to water and soil of nearby farms. It may sound like an oxymoron, eco carnivore, but this is exactly what being carnivore can do. Supporting farms that raise animals naturally supports our ecosystems. It also saves water, replenishes topsoil and saves the habitat of the animals that live there. Eating grass fed animals is a great thing for the environment!

Ready to try the Carnivore diet? Join me now and start improving your health AND the planet!