Maqui Berry

Some of you are hooked on acai berry, some goji, some the elderberry! What I rarely hear people talking about is the incredible Maqui Berry! This South American rainforest berry is still a superfood, containing large amounts of anthocyanins (212 milligrams per 100 grams!), a purple pigment with potent antioxidant activity. One of the best attiributes for sure! However, since inflammation is the root cause of so many serious diseases, anything that helps reduce it is worth investigating. This is the reason I take it. Yes I love the antioxidants for protecting my cells and skin, the anti-viral effects that protect me from colds, the heart protection from heart damage,and the aid in weight loss is always nice, but inflammation is something those of us with autoimmune diseases are ALWAYS battling. So, maqui berries like other anti-inflammatory plants are part of the daily routine.

Get your maquai berries here:
Get Your Maquai Berrys Here

Maqui berries are often sold as a bottled juice and even though drinking the juice increases inulsin (preventing blood sugar spikes) I like to limit the fruit juice sugars in my diet, I just purchase the dried berries and make a tea, often combining it with other medicinal plants. Nonetheless, maqui should be considered as one of your regular tonic blends.

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