Low Carb Diets Win

The Benefits of a Low Carb Diet and Why It Works


Low carb diets are now becoming more widely accepted. Sadly, they are still not prescribed by the medical community as a means for addressing insulin resistance, diabetes, or many other diseases. We know that low carb diets and fasting allow the body to make Ketones when carbohydrate consumption is small enough. In other words, this has a healing effect on the body.  Also, reducing one’s insulin has a massive impact on overall health!


Ketones are anti-inflammatory and help to turn on naturally occurring antioxidants within the body as well as turn on and off specific gene expression that is related to diseases and aging. This is called epigenetics and is more powerful in your health results than DNA.


Weight Loss

Reducing carbohydrates helps you to tap into body fat and to remove water retention because lowered glucose levels mean your body will tap into alternative energy sources. Glucose levels are elevated continuously by most people, which never allows you to tap into body fat.  In addition to that, low carb diets reduce insulin, which is a fat-storing hormone.


Diabetes Reversal

Reducing carbohydrate consumption will bring glucose levels down. Therefore, the more you minimize glucose intake, the more regulated blood sugar becomes. This can also happen during fasting, which is an incredibly powerful healing and weight loss tool. Sadly, diabetes is of the Nation’s most detrimental health care costs and can be devastating to individuals who have it.


Blood Sugar Regulation 

Blood sugar imbalances can cause fatigue, mood swings, headaches, and other symptoms. By keeping sugar and carbohydrates lower and consistent protein and fat intake, blood sugars remain more balanced, and those symptoms will become regulated. This can be applied to a variety of health conditions such as hormonal issues, PCOS, energy, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, cancer, autoimmune disorders and so much more.


Protects telomeres from damage

Telomeres are part of our DNA and are associated with aging and longevity. Having lower insulin has a protective effect on telomeres. For instance, the longer the telomere, the longer life according to some studies. Above all, stress, insulin, and environmental factors all play a role in the length of the telomere!


Increase in Antioxidant activity

In a low carbohydrate diet (ketogenic) naturally occurring antioxidants within the body are increased. One of the ketones made by the body is called Beta-hydroxybutyrate. This ketone helps supply the brain with energy and deactivates genes that cause cell damage. This is called an epigenetic effect and can help to reduce inflammation and inflammatory conditions and can even help fight some cancers.

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