Listen To Your Body

And Stay Open Minded!

How many times have you followed someone’s else’s advice and it failed you?

I can’t tell you the desperation I felt when my doctors told me nothing would cure my colitis, that food didn’t matter. That as long as I took all my medications, I’d have a good chance of living through it and not losing my colon. That advice just wasn’t good enough for me. Friends encouraged me to return to veganism, that maybe I’d do it “better” with this or that supplement added in.

Well meaning friends, family and even doctors love to dole out advice about how to improve your digestion, lose weight or deal with a sickness. Most people follow standard government provided nutritional advice though, and we are quickly learning how wrong that advice is.

Take the time to learn what YOUR body needs!


The standard eat less and do cardio, eat your veggies is TERRIBLE ADVICE FOR WEIGHT LOSS!
The standard eat more fiber and drink more water is TERRIBLE ADVICE FOR DIGESTION. Don’t be surprised if you visit your doc for constipation they WILL suggest more fiber. I am sure you will be as surprised as I was to find that RECOVERY FROM PLANT BASED DIETS is actually a real thing!

If something isn’t working, more of the same won’t work better. It’s time to try something different, go against the grain. Amazing things are possible when you free yourself from the standards of society and start listening to your body. What’s NOT working for you that you might need to change??? Are you ready to make a commitment to changing your habits to change your life? This is the work we do in 1-1 coaching. It isn’t always easy, but the results are worth the effort!