Are Bananas A Health Food

Or a recipe for disaster?

Bananas are a staple food for smoothie fans and busy people. They were/are also very popular as a pre-workout food for many people. Fuel right? The body uses glucose first from the bloodstream and then will create what is needed to maintain energy requirements.

The higher the glycemic index of the food, the faster it loads glucose into the blood and the more glucose that is provided. This is why sweet fruits, starchy carbs, and even root vegetables stall weight loss. They keep your glucose tank full, so you never need to burn fat for energy. So you might have a banana before a spin class, but you’ll be burning off the banana, not the body fat.

Low carb diets work because your glucose tank is always low, forcing the body to tap into other resources such as body fat!

I remember being #vegan and #rawvegan and consuming 3-4 bananas in one shot with my smoothies. Not only did it NOT give me energy, but it also made my pancreas work overtime to regulate my blood sugar with more insulin and fostered Candida growth. A perfect recipe for Type 2 diabetes. Plant-based diets often have this effect because they contain so much starch and HIGH GLYCEMIC foods.
Bananas (sources vary) are an 80 on the glycemic index (of 1-100).

Banana farms may foster deforestation, pesticide use, water pollution, soil erosion, and an extreme amount of fossil fuels getting your banana from the tropics to Chicago. Not so good for health or the environment. Food for thought!