Improve your fat loss intermittent fasting


Can you really time your meals for better fat loss? YES!!  YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR FAT LOSS WITH SPECIFIC MEAL TIMING.  Intermittent fasting is very effective for fat loss, but there are more ways to time your eating for great weight loss results!

We know that what you eat has more to do with getting the body you want then anything else. Other Factors such as exercise, stress levels, sleep quality and hormones play a role in fat loss, appetite and metabolism yet the single most effective strategy to weight loss is eating the right foods and THE RIGHT TIME. Here are 5 ways to time your eating to help you the most.

  1. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed. Lots of people will say eating before bed is ok and that it’s a myth that is causes weight gain, unless its just excess calories. However, eating before bed causes your insulin levels to rise, and disrupts the hormones melatonin and growth hormone from their natural processes. This can interfere with sleep patterns. So its not necessarily that the food will cause you to gain weight because of the time you eat it (its more about the kind of food and if you need the calories) but a lack of sleep CAN cause weight gain. Better quality sleep which means lower cortisol levels which means it is easier to lose weight.
  2. Don’t eat before your cardio workout. This is arguable by many, but unless you are really hungry or feel lightheaded before your workouts, its best to do cardio on empty (at least 1 hour in between food intake and workout) so that you can burn fat and not sugar. Almond milk is low in sugar but slightly filling and works great as a small snack 30 minutes prior to your workout. Feel free to eat a bit more before strength training!
  3. Eat your heaviest meal right after your workout, and make it high in protein! Directly following a workout (especially strength training) your muscles are ready to absorb and use nutrients and your metabolism is cranking. Feed it protein and some other hydrating veggies to refuel and feed the muscles. Remember food does not cause muscle growth, work and then rest does!
  4. Eat your fruit servings before noon, veggies and protein from there on out. Fruits are high in sugar, so they will increase blood sugar, which reduces the bodies ability to burn body fat. You will need to burn off the sugar first! So eat it AFTER your workout, and early in the day if possible allowing your body to process the sugar throughout the day. Keep all sugars to a minimum, even fruits!
  5. Pause your eating after lunch 1 day a week and fast until breakfast the next day. Intermittent fasting works by dropping blood sugar low so that body uses fat for fuel, a rich source of energy. Start with skipping dinner and hydrating well, having your next meal in the morning, about 16-18 hours after your last meal. Most of that time will have been spent resting, so you wont miss a whole lot. I personally follow the 16/8 method, where I skip breakfast most days and restrict eating until lunch. The night before I will have dinner around 6 or 7 pm so I get about 16-18 hours of fating in. This has made a huge different in getting my body fat down to where I like it. Its also called the Lean gains method. Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase human growth hormone, lower insulin levels improve cellular repair.

All of these tips are built into the Six Week Slim Down. Its easy to follow, no starving or counting calories required! Get started on your simple weight loss journey today and start having more energy, better sleep and look better than ever!