Have Salads Damaged Your Gut?

The Surprising Truth About Lettuce!

Have Salads Damaged Your Gut?
I used to eat huge bowls of various lettuces as my main meal. A common meal would be an entire head of lettuce topped with random meats and veggies. I was following plant based, then the ketogenic diet and greens are a staple. Plus, salad is so healthy! After all, it’s just water and fiber right?! Wrong…

Ruminant animals that have a rumen can process greens and fiber that humans can’t.

Lettuce is Devoid of Nutrition
What other nutrients does salad offer?? Very little, aside from possible Ecoli contamination. In October 2018, a massive contamination occurred which resulted in the CDC urging people to avoid the green. There are also groundwater contaminants commonly found in commercial farming. In other words, Lettuce offers us next to nothing nutritionally due to lack of absorption and bioavailability of plant nutrients but is full of risk. It offers little to begin with, which degrades in the few days within being plucked from the ground. Yet, what there is simply not usable by the body in that form.

Lettuce Is Toxic, Naturally
I consumed almost entirely homegrown and organic. Sadly, organic lettuce is not a whole lot better. Organic or not, all lettuce naturally contains oxalates in addition to any contaminants and pesticides that may be damaging your gut and health. Oxalates cause damage in the tissues of the body by accumulating and eventually crystalizing and causing pain. Above all, oxalates are the culprit behind kidney stones and are implicated in digestive disorders, eye pain and join pain. ALL leafy greens contain oxalates and they are very dangerous to your health!

Lettuce Is Not Environmentally Friendly
Lettuce greens are likely shipped quite a distance creating a fossil fuels dilemma. In addition, growing all that lettuce requires tremendous resources of land, water way and habitat. It’s on the plates of nearly every plant based lunch and on many more trying to EAT CLEAN. When are we going to recognize that the words “plant based” are not synonymous with “healthy”?

Avoid Plant Based Diets for Better Health
Take a look at your body, your digestion, your overall health. Are you illness free? Are you pain free? Are you at your highest level of health? In other words, maybe it is time to give up the plant based diet.
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