Go Vegan?

Maye not...

This was the message I spread for years as a vegan. That is 15 years of veganism to be precise. Now I would like to redeem myself by telling you all the reasons that you should NOT go vegan. People have many different reasons for becoming vegan, however these were mine. Although my intentions were good, the outcomes weren’t. I did some serious damage to my health in those 15 years and even in the years that followed on a non-vegan but plant based diet. Hopefully those who read this that are on a plant based diet have not experienced too much damage yet. There is still hope!

For My Health
I was vegan Because it was best for my health. Well, not only was this not true but It was actually very damaging. All the foods that you see in this photo are actually full of damaging chemicals, lectins, oxalates and things that generally harm your body. Plants contain poisonous chemicals and you really should not eat them. We are just not beginning to open our eyes to these facts and that the message we have been spreading to eat as many vegetables as you can, is not such as good thing.

For the Animals
I was vegan so as not to harm any animals. Actually, there is no possible way of living on this earth without harming animals. Farming of plants harms animals by destroying habitat. Farming of vegetables destroys land and resources that would otherwise go towards animals. Many small animals, birds and insects die as a result of vegetable and plant agriculture. Plenty of ways that animals are harmed without ever slaughtering a cow or chicken. We also have ways to raise animals that are more humane than factory farms, even though in the end we do eat them. This is nature though, we are all a part of the food chain.

For the Environment
I was vegan for the environment. Actually vegan diet support the use of many crops that use extreme amounts of water, damage land and resources with monocropping, waste precious resources that could be Used to raise biodynamic farms and animals that actually restore topsoil. In fact, grazing animals might be the ONLY way to save the land from overfarming and the only way to replenish the topsoil. Herds of cattle can graze on the land, while fertilizing it with their waste. It is the cycle of nature! Veganism also supports the use of plastics and rubber by default. Every rubber boot, belt and bag that I bought actually took more fossil fuel’s than any of the meat I consume now. Let’s not forget about those delicious fruits that were shipped from across the globe.

For Nutrients
I was vegan because it was the best source of nutrients for my body. Actually nutrients from plants are very difficult to absorb. Humans are not able to deal with fiber and it ruins our digestive system. The nutrients and plants are not really intended for humans and are not bioavailable to us via plants directly. If I want to get the most nutrients possible I must eat ruminant animals that consume those plants for me.

After telling people to go vegan for 15 years the only way I can now redeem myself is by spreading the truth which is that plants will harm your body, don’t necessarily save the environment or animals, and aren’t a great source of nutrients. In fact if you follow vegan diet you will be seriously malnourished.

If a plant based diet has damaged your body, please consider a meat based diet. It has changed my health and life forever. Take my plant based recover program, The Carnivore Experience!