Ginger Lemon Detox Drink

Easy Yummy Cleansing

Looking for a tasty detox drink ? If you like ginger root you will LOVE this  lemon detox drink recipe! If you are trying to lose weight, this recipe will help to reduce your appetite and improve overall digestive functions. Its also good to balance the pH of the body, as lemon is highly alkaline! Lemon is great for stimulating liver and kidneys, ginger helps with digestion, killing parasites and reducing inflammation. If you have IBD you should drink this 2-3 times each week. Below is what you might have on a regular day, step it up by putting it in the blender and making it a frothy shake like drink!


Add 1 whole lemon, seeds removed, 1 inch piece of ginger root and 3 cups water. Add to blender and blend on high until frothy. No need to strain!  I add a little stevia but you can go without if you like a bite!

Drink this first thing in the morning throughout your Holistic Detox program, or on Week 3 of the Six Week Slim Down to help stimulate the kidneys and liver. These are 2 of your major detoxifying organs! Remember that our bodies are designed with an internal detoxification system, we just have to support it. Take part in my online programs and get healthy with me!

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