What EVERY Woman Needs to Know

Sadly, most of the women my age that I know don’t control their finances, unless they HAVE TO as a result of divorce or widowing.

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life has been to become FINANCIALLY SECURE.

Don’t confuse this with becoming a millionaire. What I mean by this is becoming debt-free, living within your means, having a nest egg, making investments.  EVEN IF YOU ARE MARRIED

I’m not married, and after I got divorced money scared me. I didn’t know how to manage it, make a lot of it, or invest it.
I’m always on a journey of learning but here are a few things I think every woman, of any age… married or not, should do.

  • Pay off ALL your debt. I mean everything other than a mortgage.
    Have at least six months of living expenses sitting in an account.
    Minimize your taxes by making investments and obtaining as many tax write-offs as possible.
  • Have a good understanding of retirement funds and what you’ll need for the future, then aim for double that.
  • Have multiple sources of income.
  • Make various stable investments.I have done all of this and most recently started property investments of my own. It has been so incredibly empowering for me. I no longer fear money or my future! THIS IS ONE MAJOR WAY TO REDUCE STRESS IN YOUR LIFE AND LIVE YOUR BEST!