DHA for Disease Prevention

Brain Functions and Cancer

DHA helps reduce inflammation and could assist with all inflammatory conditions, it could even prevent cancer. DHA also protects the brain and heart from heart disease and degradation. It is so important for brain functions and is very helpful for depression!

Alzheimer’s risk is reduced to a degree with large amounts of DHA and saturated fats.

However fish oil supplements can be rancid, so I opt for whole food forms at least 3 times each week. If you are on carnivore diet, just mix it up! You don’t need to eat steak at every meal to be successful. In fact, I’m not sure that is the best approach. If you are on the Six Week Slim Down, there are recipes that include fish to help you incorporate it more.
We still need nutrients that vary among living creatures. Don’t get stuck in the meat and water rut! You can do better than that! If you aren not already following one of my eating programs, go HERE to register and get started today!