Essential Oils Detox

My top 8 picks!

Essential Oils Detox and why you need to be using them!

We are living in a toxic world and come into contact with toxins on a daily basis. Our bodies are built to clean themselves though or excretory organs (internal cleaning system) however a little help doesn’t hurt! A buildup of these toxins can impair your organs and cause disease. Cleaning the body through natural cleansing processes, diet and essential oils can reduce the toxic load and support each of your organs. The essential oils stimulate each organ to do its job better and help to draw toxins, chemicals and parasites from the body while protecting from cellular damage, virus and bacteria.

1. Frankincense
cellular detox, cellular support, blood toxicity, brain tissue detox, heavy metals, nerve toxicity and skin toxicity

2. Clove
blood, brain, liver toxicity, parasites, intestinal toxicity

3. Geranium
blood toxicity, gallbladder toxicity, heavy metals, and skin toxicity

4. Grapefruit
blood toxicity, cellulite, gallbladder toxicity, liver toxicity, and xenoextrogen toxicity

5. Oregano
candida toxicity, parasites, intestinal toxicity, xenoestrogen toxicicty

6. Cilantro
heavy metals, kidneys/urinary toxicity, pancreas toxicity

7. Lemon
cellulite, kidney/urinary toxicity, liver toxicity, lymphatic toxicity, skin toxicity and xenoestrogen toxicity

8. Cypress
cellulite, liver toxicity, lymphatic toxicity

The Essential Oils Detoxification Kit is $236 and includes:
3 Oil blending bottles
1 essential oils training e-manual
15 ML bottle of each the above 8 oils.
The kit is a 6 month supply when used daily.

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