Almonds Are Not A Health Food

Learn the Truth About this Not So Super Food!

ALMONDS are One of the WORST foods to eat especially if you care about the environment. In my former vegan days and even in my keto or paleo days this little nugget (millions of them actually) provided me with some essential fatty acids and loads of ketogenic treats! I jumped right into almond heaven! I even made homemade almond milk so I would have an alternative to cow milk. However, what I didn’t know was the very negative aspects of eating almonds (and some other nuts).

Almonds are the go to snack for plant-based and anyone who wants to eat healthy. High in good fats, fiber and protein almonds are the perfect thing to keep you on your diet and get in healthy nutrients, right?

First of all, almonds have lectins and fiber that can damage your gut and block absorption of other nutrients, so if you are eating them for health benefits you are better off eating eggs. (You can soak and sprout them to remove some but that doesn’t fix the next point). Also, eating almonds as a vegan milk replacement is not better for the environment. Almonds require obscene amounts of water are are mostly grown in drought ridden California.

They are responsible for the destruction of many wetlands and land that could be used to raise cattle to heal it. The crops are known to affect the honeybee population and the deep drilling for water can trigger earthquakes as well as damage other infrastructure. IT TAKES OVER A GALLON OF WATER TO GROW 1 ALMOMD! One stinking almond!

My Keto diet was a menace to California! So now I’m a meat eater. I support the environment by supporting biodynamic animal agriculture.