Are Your Adrenals Making you Tired!

How this one little problem causes major fatigue

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? It’s a common scenario… Waking up is hard to do. You need caffeine to get going at least 1 cup or two. Despite the caffeine intake you drag along all morning until late afternoon. You feel foggy and distracted You crave salty carbs all day and finally perk up late in the day yet once you get to bed your sleep is restless. To make matters worse your spouse is mad at you because you don’t even want any nookie!

Adrenal exhaustion symptoms:

Persistent Fatigue
Mental Fatigue
Sleep Troubles
Reduced Libido
Food Cravings for Salt and Carbs
Weight Gain
Light Headed
Blood Pressure Problems
Emotional Sensitivity

Adrenal glands are responsible for regulating hormones such as DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. When these glands are not functioning well due to over stimulation the rest of the body is disrupted by the hormone imbalances. What it feels like when adrenals are being over run… you are always tired.

Adrenals suffer when they are forced to produce epinephrine (fight or flight) as well as cortisol the stress hormone. When we live on caffeine, little sleep, poor quality food and have too much stress we set up the perfect environment to wear out the adrenals. You can get your DHEA and cortisol levels tested with a saliva test however its not a bad idea to use the suggestions below to address the symptoms. However if after a couple of weeks your still feeling tired you should see your doctor.

First and foremost Rest. Your adrenals need rest more than anything to repair. As you rest cortisol is at its lowest. This is the stress hormone we are trying to manage so getting 7 or more hours of sleep each night makes a world of difference.

Manage stress. Stress is one of the contributing factors to elevated cortisol and norepinephrine that strain the adrenals. Reducing workload working through personal issues, relaxation, meditation and anything else that helps you manage stress are good for adrenal repair and prevention.

Eating for adrenal health. Your cortisol levels rise first thing in the morning so eating a low sugar and a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes helps keep cortisol levels low. Foods that are high in sugar or highly processed should be avoided because they raise insulin levels which raises cortisol. Processed foods also lack nutrients the body and especially the adrenals need to stay healthy and prevent disease. Follow the Six Week Slim Down Program to address adrenals through diet!

Herbs such as licorice root (if you don’t have high blood pressure) eluthero root, maca root, rhodiola root and ashwaganda root all have properties that nourish and strengthen the adrenal glands.

Essential Oils can also help with adrenal fatigue. Lavender is known to reduce cortisol levels as well as chamomile and rose. Frankincense and lemon balm are also extremely beneficial for reducing the effects of stress on the body when used regularly. Order your essential oils HERE.

Bottom line is this… You cant run your body in high gear forever. Slow down, relax, eat well and be nice to your body and you will feel much better.

Nicole Carter is a Holistic Health Educator wellness program developer and Laguna Beach California Professional Health Coach with over 13 years of experience studying and teaching holistic health. She has founded several health and wellness businesses and has formulated numerous herbal products for other companies. As a holistic health coach she teaches health in many facets including teaching wellness strategies for businesses, schools, teachers, parents and women’s groups. She has been teaching classes live, online via Webinars and through her published book and DVD series for several years. Nicole has many years of training and experience in the field of wellness including a Masters Degree in Health Promotion from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a focus on holistic health, obesity and corporate wellness.