8 Ways Healthy Moms can Save Time

Follow These Tips and Stay Healthy!

8 Ways Healthy Moms can Save More Time AND be Healthier

If its one thing every mother wishes for, its more time! However,  since that isn’t going to happen any time soon, we need to capture more time by shaving off bits of time spent on other things. Here are 8 things I do that help me to keep juggling all my plates!

  1. Use Your Blender –This simple kitchen tool healthy moms love will make way for fast and easy meals or snacks. Think greens, non-dairy milks and frozen berries for breakfast or a snack or pre-steamed veggies, and avocado and veggie broth for a creamy soup for dinner. Endless possibilities for healthy eats! Time saved: 30 minutes
  2. Do yoga at Home – Whether you hire a private yoga teacher or just follow along with a YouTube video, healthy moms  can practice yoga at home can save you more than an hour in drive time, plus gas and mileage. Lets not forget the stress of driving, especially in Southern California! Time Saved: 2 Hours
  3. Bedtime Food Prep – Before you go to bed, toss some veggies and your choice of protein in a small crock-pot and add some of your favorite spices. This is a great way to just have your food ready in the morning (or just prep and turn it on in the morning for a hot dinner) for a home cooked lunch to take to work. Time Saved: 1-2 hours
  4. Fill Mason jars with healthy drinks – I’m known by friends and family to always carry around a glass mason jar full of … random things! Iced teas, water with fruit slices, sprigs of fresh mint or basil.. Endless possibilities for a quick and cheap fix to stopping for drinks all day long. Plus you get great health bennies from your herbs and teas. Time Saved: 1 hour daily
  5. Use your blender to chop– When chopping or prepping veggies for snacking or cooking, forget chopping with a big knife. Use your Cuisinart with the slicer blade or a Vita Mix blender filled with water. Add the veggies to the blender, leave a little room at the top, cover tightly and turn it on and off for 2 seconds a couple of times. Pour into a colander and you just washed and chopped your veggies in 5 minutes or less. Time Saved: 30 to 60 Minutes
  6. Serve More Fresh uncooked foods – healthy moms  get their kids and others they cook for used to eating fresh raw veggies and fruits. This saves an incredible amount of time in the kitchen, as well as time shopping and planning, not to mention saves a lot of coin. A common lunch in my house is fresh berries or melon, chopped cucumbers, hummus and crackers and a big jug of iced herbal teas. My kids feel like kings and queens but it takes 10 minutes to thrown down. Use the kitchen time for family dinners or meals your really want to enjoy cooking. Time Saved: 60-90 minutes
  7. Skip the coffee shop drive though – Buy a stainless mug for hot teas made quick at home, or go with a quick iced coffee or espresso and milk made at home. Time saved: 30-40 minutes (driving plus coffee line)
  8. Cook Just 2 times per week – This may sound crazy, but you can eat awesome food all week long if you do 1 day of food prep. I usually prep on Sundays by shopping, washing, fast chopping (blender or Cuisinart) and make salads, soups and even deserts to last me 3-4 days. I don’t consider this my cooking time though. When I cook its for fun, usually on a Sunday when I’m not rushed and can enjoy the process of making food for my loved ones. Time Saved: 4-5 hours a week

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