5 Ways to Make More Time For Health

Make Your Health Priority

5 Ways to Make More Time For Health and Wellness

I get it, your busy. We all are! That doesn’t mean we get to slack on our health though. It means we need it even more! Most people tend to put work first and health last, that will come back to bite you later. I promise! So here are 10 ways to make more time for things that will improve your health and fitness.

  1. Give up TV. It might sound crazy, but other than movies on occasion, I have not watched any significant amount of television in the last 13 years and it has given me time to put more effort into cooking, exercising, or whatever else I want.
  2. Stop going through drive through for lunch. Pack a simple small lunch and eat it outdoors after taking a 30-minute break for a walk, stretch or quick jog. You can fit A LOT into 30 minutes. Your lunchtime meal doesn’t need to be a marathon. Its just fuel. Check out some of my easy recipes here.
  3. Stop scrolling Facebook and Instagram all day. Check it 1-2 times a day for 10 minutes or less. If you like browsing the internet, read articles or watch informative videos. Those have a beginning and an end. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are ongoing streams of stimulus that can overload your brain. Take the app off your phone if you have to.
  4. Shop online. One of the best things I ever did was get Amazon Prime. I buy all my home goods, groceries aside from produce and whatever odds and ends I need. Most items will show up in a day or 2 taking a lot of driving around and errands off your list. Now you just made time for that yoga class!
  5. Take an ONLINE courses. Books, Classes, fitness, cooking  and all sorts of virtual health courses are all available online now. Of course there is a social aspect to taking classes in person, but if your goal is to make a change, pick up a skill or learn, online learning is GREAT! As adults, we learn differently than kids, and we are hands on learners driven by our own need for the skill or attribute we are studying.


Now you just made yourself some precious time, so use it wisely. The best investment (both time and money) are those that are for your health and well-being!