Medicinal Garden Herbs


Herbs are easy to grow and maintain!

Whether or not you have a green thumb, you can benefit from having these Medicinal Garden Herbs in your garden. Growing these plants in pots makes them easy to keep alive and maintain, and less water. Putting multiple herbs in one large pot works great too. Be patient, you wont harvest anything for at least 2 weeks.  However,  once you have them going you will have lots of fresh medicine to play around with until it freezes.  Make a tea with them, a healing ointment, or maybe add them to your favorite foods or salads.

Thyme – This one is your respiratory herb! Use it fresh combined with mint for amazing effect on coughs and respiratory infections. Medicinal Effects: Expectorant, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Coughs, Colds, Mucus

Peppermint – Mints can take over a garden so grow this one in a pot. Use fresh or it will get brown! Medicinal Effects: Gas, Cramping, Diarrhea, Bloating, Nausea, Colds, Congestion, Coughs

Rosemary – The heat lover, this plant can survive extreme heat with low water. Medicinal Effects:Hair growth, Perspiration, Headaches, Coughs, Colds, Indigestion

Chamomile – This plant will give you more flowers each year (the only part we use) and is best planted as a seed in spring.  Medicinal Effects:Skin care, Anxiety, Sleeping, Indigestion, Gas, Cramping, PMS, Muscle Spasms, Inflammation

Stevia – Try replacing your honey or table sugar with a sprig of stevia next time you make a smoothie or tea. It’s great for keeping your weight down! Medicinal Effects:Natural sweetener, Weight loss, Blood sugar balancing

Calendula – Incredible first aid plant! Use the blossoms to make a healing salve or oil for cuts, scrapes and bug bites. Excellent for wound healing of all kinds! Medicinal Effects: First aide, Wound healer, Muscle cramps, Eye wash, Skin soother, Natural dye, Edible flower

Aloe Vera – The traditional burn remedy, also excellent for skin and beauty. Learn how to prepare aloe vera and  healing of all kinds of healing concoctions with it . Medicinal Effects: Natural Skin Cleanser, First Aid, Laxative, Parasites

Dandelion – Known for its bitterness, dandelion greens make an excellent salad or stir fry, even the flowers and can be eaten before they open (steam like a veggie). They are superfoods that help with digestion. Use the sap from the step to lighten spots and scars. Medicinal Effects: Diuretic, Digestive Aid, Antioxidants, Kidney cleanser, Liver cleanser

Lemon Balm – The calming feel-good herb. Use this for stress, tension, crankiness, and insomnia. Makes excellent iced tea! Medicinal Effects: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Mood, Colds and viruses, Sore throats, Cramps, Insomnia

Tips for Using Herbs!

Use them fresh in salads, soups and to top dips and grilled meats. Cover with hot water and steep for 15 minutes to make an herbal tea, pour over ice and add stevia for a sweet and refreshing medicinal tea. Don’t forget you can save your herbs too! Hang them upside down in a dark dry area and dry until crispy, then store in glass jars with a label.

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