How I Cured My Colitis With Food

Some of you may know that I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for several years. It is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the intestines causing inflammation, ulcers, bleeding, pain and is overall a pretty miserable condition. There are varying degrees of this disorder, and I do believe mine was not so extreme as some stories I have heard but nonetheless caused me much discomfort and many sleepless nights. When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis after a colonoscopy I was told that there is no cure and that the only way to manage it is with a drug taken to control inflammation in the colon, and sometimes steroids in worse cases. I was told NOT to change my diet because it had no effect on this disease. This is one of the most disheartening pieces of information you can receive. Being told that you will have a condition FOREVER and that there is no cure is like a stab in the heart when you will do anything to fix it.

However knowing what I know about food and plants I knew that this was NOT TRUE! Since I am not one to take things lying down (NEVER) I decided I would learn what there was to know and find a way to beat this disease that often takes peoples colons and sometimes even their lives. After much reading and research I found that although it is considered an autoimmune disease the basis of the illness lies in inflammation (as most diseases do) and that if I could find a way to take away the inflammation that was half the battle.

The other half of the battle was killing the fungus (yeast) that had overgrow in my intestines. This is something I am EXTREMELY passionate about and if you follow me at all you will know what this is. Candida Albicans is a fungus that lives in all of our bodies. When it gets out of balance (usually due to antibiotics and other medications) the natural flora of our intestines gets disrupted. This causes a multitude of health diseases and disorders, namely an overgrowth of yeast in the gut and intestines. When this happens the body creates a lot of mucus (which you may never see) and this in turn causes inflammation in the body wherever that is, in this case in the intestines. Now you have a very diminished army of good bacteria to fight illness, a whole lot of bad bacteria (fungus) and lots of inflammation…BOOM! A perfect recipe for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (leaky gut syndrome, Chrons and ulcerative colitis).

I will add to this that STRESS plays a major role on intestinal and overall health and I did have signification stress at the onset of this disease including the death of my father, major career and family changes. I have since taken and active role in managing stress through relaxation, yoga and meditation (stress management program coming soon!)

So how did I reverse all of this?

As I write this I have no symptoms of ulcerative colitis. No bleeding, no cramping and no bloating except when I stray from my program! I love when the FDA says you cannot make claims about products CURING any illness or disease. However they can’t stop me from saying it about FOOD and that is exactly what I did.

I had to tackle 2 major things with food.

1. Kill the Candida fungus
2. Reduce the inflammation.
There are more things I added on that I will also explain to you.

To kill the candida here is what I did… I reduced the sugar in my diet to ZERO. That means no sugars, no fruits and no carbs. Nothing at all that can feed the bacteria. I starved them to death. Then at the same time I sent in foods that I knew would kill them such as turmeric root ginger root, oregano oil and other plant foods that help to kill fungus and bacteria.

To get balance back into my gut here is what I did… I drank Kombucha every day, I ate sauerkraut every day and took probiotics in a powerful prescription format every single day without fail.

To reduce inflammation here is what I did… I drank lemon water with lemon essential oil in it every morning and continued throughout the day. I ate A LOT of green vegetables and vegetable juices (WITH NO SWEET STUFF), I ate curry with vegetables, I used frankincense essential oil in a supplement form daily, I drank green tea every day and I ate coconut oil every day.

To reduce stress I gave myself 1 hour a day to do nothing, to lie on my bed and listen to music, to read, to meditate, to practice yoga, to walk on the beach. Or anything else that was relaxing and did not involve work or responsibilities of any kind. I also saw a counselor 1 time each week to discuss anything that caused me stress and she would (and still) help me to work through it by changing the situation or learning to accept it and move on.

In addition to the above I incorporated lots of herbal teas, essential oils and detox practices that I always did on occasion but now incorporate them on a very regular basis.

All of this is available for you to follow. I have laid it all out in my Six Week Slim Down with meal plans on what I ate and the detoxification practices I used. You can also follow along on the detox and inflammation only portion with the Clean and Green Detox. Remember detox is a very distorted and misused BUZZWORD we need to remember what exactly we are trying to detox the body of and in so many cases its FUNGUS.

I hope you have found this article informative please share it with as many people as you can because this awful disease affects 1.4 MILLION AMERICANS BEFORE AGE 30! (Centers for Disease Control) Even if you do not have this disease, someone you know probably does and remains silent due to embarrassment or shame. Please help me spread the word.