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With 15 years of experience as a health educator and health coach, a Masters Degree in Public Health, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, A certified yoga and barre teacher, as well as a Master Herbalist, there is plenty of things Nicole can help you improve on.  Lean on her experience and passion for health whether you are needing help losing weight, managing stress, addressing autoimmune disease, rehabilitating from antibiotics, rebuilding adrenal health or just looking for help to look and feel better, Nicole will get you there.


When working with Nicole, your first session is usually spent learning about you. Your current health status and health goals will determine what happens in each session. If you are having an in-person session you can expect weekly sessions addressing your goals often in the kitchen with food, and planning out food. You will also learn stress management exercises, how to use herbal medicine and essential oils.  For clients outside of Orange County California, expect weekly sessions beginning with goal setting, then continuing on into completing your game plan week by week, addressing your obstacles and learning how to overcome them to get to the next goal. Progress comes in stages rather than overnight, but rest assured Nicole will equip you with a solid game plan and the tools you need to make it to the finish line!


“Nicole is a wealth of knowledge! She has helped me incorporate simple changes in my everyday routine, which has a positive impact on my family’s health as well. She teaches health from the inside out & once you know better, it makes it easier to take better care of yourself!”
– Gina // San Clemente, California

“My family and I signed up for Nicole’s Six Week Slim Down – each of us with different goals ranging from weight loss to controlling inflammatory related illnesses to gaining more knowledge in healing with foods. Not only did each of us enjoy shedding a few pounds, we gained lifelong knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. I still continue to contact Nicole with health related questions and we swap recipes occasionally. She is a wealth of information and I feel so lucky that our paths crossed.”
– Jodi // San Juan Capistrano, California

“I did another week the intermittent fasting and finally have reached my lowest weight since I had my son 15 years ago. I love how I feel ….and I’d like to add that your recommendation about the zinc has saved my life…I can’t tell you the measures I’ve gone through to sleep at night (anxiety) it worked like magic! I purchased your essential oil program…can’t wait to read through that! I so wish I lived closer to attend more of your classes and stuff!!! Thank you!”
-Jennifer S//Las Vegas Nevada