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Nicole has been a keynote speaker and featured speaker at health conferences around the world, and has been a guest speaker at major business events and summits both live in person and through online presentations to both large corporations and small private groups.

With 17 years in the field of health and wellness, Nicole has years of experience as a dynamic speaker in the topics of holistic health, nutrition, weight loss and holistic stress management.

Her professional background is evident in the data-driven information she presents and her warm human side is reflected and exudes her passion for improving personal health through all of her broadcasts.

Book a workshop in person or via Webex with Nicole. The presentations are 1 hour long. A recording of the presentation is also provided

Presentations currently available:

Self Care as Health Care: How to Care For Your Mind and Body

Emotional Wellbeing and Health – The connection between emotional health and physical health

Holistic Stress Management – Managing Stress with Holistic Modalities

Endurance for Living an Active Life – Optimize Your Lifestyle for More Energy

Ancestral Eating for Disease Prevention – An Uncommon Approach to Disease Prevention

Fasting For Health and Longevity – How to Use This Ancient Technique for living in the 21st Century