5 Foods For Liver Detox

Your liver is the dumpster of your body. It has the job of cleaning out your entire body’s blood and filtering out all the toxins just like a pool filter does. So it has that huge job. It is really important for us to take care of the liver so that it can manage the detoxification process for your body.

Here are five easy foods

that you can eat every single day to help clean the liver naturally

#1 Beets – Both the root and the leafy top can be used to clean the liver. Beets are good for cleaning the liver because they have a lot of antioxidants are loaded with fibers which actually bind to some of those toxins and pull them out of your body. But also it helps to stimulate the flow of bile. This is produced in your liver and flushed out of your gallbladder for a total detoxifying effect.

#2 Lemons – Not only is the lemon juice great because the citric acid has the bitter side to it and it does flush the liver but also the skin. So when you use lemons you want to get the essential oil that is only found in the skin of the citrus fruit. Put it in into your juicer grate it into your drink and drink it every day to help stimulate and cleanse the liver. My favorite way to use lemon is in my morning drink. I just grate the outside of the lemon and get the peel inside a cup of hot water squeeze the lemon juice in there and drink the whole thing down. If it is too bitter for you add a little bit of stevia or honey but that will deter a little bit from the cleansing effect of the lemon peel.

#3 Dandelion Greens – So why this is important to get it organic is because oftentimes dandelions are considered weed and they are sprayed with chemicals. But this is beauty when it comes to cleaning the liver as high in bitter glucosides and you’ll that when you taste it because it tastes very bitter but great for cleaning the liver as it produces all that bile which is like soap and water that flushes out the liver.

#4 Turmeric Root – A lot of times we buy this in the spice section and it has been studied by the University of Maryland and shown to increase the production and flow of bile through your liver and out your gallbladder. That is definitely a cleansing effect from the liver. Also it is an anti-inflammatory and it is good at killing bacteria as well.

#5 Mushrooms – The one that I have here is called shitake mushroom. This is a big one. These are actually good because of their fibers and their antioxidants that they offer the indoles available in mushrooms. But also they have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Mushrooms have been shown to clean the liver and also help repair cases of hepatitis. In many cases mushrooms can help the entire body but are not especially good for the liver.

Again it is really important to make sure you are cleaning the liver on a regular basis using plant foods and you can also tap into herbal medicine and essential oils to help clean the liver and let it do its job of detoxification for your entire body.

For more information on how to detox your body naturally using food and your body’s internal system,  check out the Holistic Detox Program. This is a five-week ebook and video course that shows you online some examples of how to use food as medicine.